FREE Youth Training Session!

Get your FREE youth training session at JAMTOWN!

To get to the next level, it’s all about practice. Our JAMTOWN trainings allow you to do just that—practice! And you get to try it out FREE!

Players Ages 8-18

Experienced JAMTOWN trainers will lead players through drills in ball handling, shooting techniques, defensive positioning, and lay-ups, to name a few. Classes are offered weekdays from 5-6P and 6-7P for players 8-18 years old. For only $49 a month, a member may attend any or ALL of the trainings offered each month.

Players Ages 4-7

The Junior Jammer program offers practice on lowered hoops in order to develop the correct shooting technique. In addition to shooting, JAMTOWN trainers work on ball handling and defensive drills, and begin to teach the rules of the game. These classes take place Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-5P.

Private Trainings

JAMTOWN also offers private small group training sessions with rates starting at $60/session with discounts for multiple sessions. These small groups pair similarly skilled players for advanced training. For more information and the schedule of trainings, please email


This is your chance to get your hoopster to the next level. Try it out for FREE! Then, come get your TRAINING on!